Car Leasing

A long-term lease is the "tool" for reducing taxes and insurance contributions


Long-term leasing through Europcar is the smartest way to have a car! You pay a fixed monthly rental fee for the use of the vehicle and the property is maintained by Europcar. The leasing you choose can be from 2 to 5 years and, finally, you can return the vehicle or redeem it at a predetermined price. 

Car leasing is not as common in Greece as abroad. Therefore, there are myths and misunderstandings around it. But Europcar is here, with its unique experience and know-how, to show you its truly unique benefits

What are your benefits from leasing a car through Europcar Greece:

- You can drive your preferable car.
- Monthly payments are lower than a conventional car purchase.
- Do not worry about car taxes.
- No costs for service, insurance, or registration.
- 24/7 fault recovery and support.
- After the lease period you can exchange the car for a brand new vehicle or buy the existing one.
- Avoid depreciation costs.
- Free replacement vehicle whenever your vehicle is sent for the repair of service.

All you need to do is do the right market research by looking for:

- The right company to work with.
- The amount of the monthly rent.
- What benefits does the contract offer you?

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